Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rhys is now 1 day old!!!!

Well I finally got some sleep, whew!!! I raced back to Vandy (Vanderbuilt) this morning to be here in time for when the doctor's do their rounds. Vandy is a teaching hospital so there is no shortage of doctor's around, which is great!!!

Rhys is doing good. The main doctor, who has been doing Neonatal for 20+ years, says he is doing very good and stable. They are running a bunch of tests today, including ultrasounds of his kidneys and spine to check for any problems.

They did a echo cardiogram, and ultrasound of his heart, and did see a problem with a vessel that has constant blood flow, at least I think that's the issue. With Rhys being so small it's hard to see everything clearly so they are working to recrunstruct all the x-rays and ultrasounds to get a better picture. They want to be sure and understand everything going on before they clear him for surgery to disconnect the attachment of his esophagus from his trachea.


Jamie Fox*~ said...

Oh hunny I hope he goes through all the surgeries well and get the right treatments he needs. He is an adorable little one.