Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a long weekend

Mom, dad, my brother Chase and my sister Regan came up to see me for a bit on Saturday. Chase and Regan were super excited to meet me and can't wait for me to come home so they can play with me; however, Chase is not excited about helping to change my diapers lol.

I'm doing better each day! I'm completely off all pain meds, even Tylenol. They were able to take my arterial IV out of my leg today, so that feels better. Besides that I'm doing well.

Everyone had a hard weekend. Friday morning Dad went to check on the guinea pigs and discovered Angus had passed away. From looking online they have a life span of about 4-8 years and Angus was about 7 years old. Unfortunately Wolfgang is going to be lonely and we fear he is not far behind Angus. Chase took it pretty good but was sad.

Then Sunday night Chase's dog (which was dad's dog for 7 years), Gidget (Fox Terrier) passed away. Needless to say everyone is a bit emotionally exhausted.

On an up note mom and dad are coming up to see me in the morning. Dad made me a new graphic to decorate my wall! Talk to you all later.