Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Survived the flood...And Mom confuses me :)

Okay, first I have to say I'm sorry for taking so long to let you all know what's been going on here! They took me off of ECMO and my heart and lungs are working pretty good :) I'm still on the vent, but they were able to put me on more of a resting mode. I am still having a hard time keeping my blood pressure up all the time; but I sure am working on it. As of today, they took me off of my epinephrine and have weaned my vasopress also - so I am down to 2 blood pressure meds and the T3 & I seem to be holding my own :) This makes my mom pretty happy and my dad too. Grandma Terry keeps telling me to stop flirting with all the girls and focus on healing my heart - I don't know, I'm pretty darn cute...gotta start early :D
So, here I am not peeing again - but I keep telling them not to overload me! Do they want me to work on the blood pressure, peeing or healing my heart....what does a guy gotta do?
On another note, Nashville saw some of the worst flooding in it's history this past weekend. Almost the whole town was under water because of the rain and all the rivers. The nice couple that have helped mom & dad out, their whole house was under 4' of water and dad is going to go help them get stuff out tomorrow. I kept telling mom I wanted to go swimming - but the nurses wouldn't let me outta here! Mom told me all about the Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry and the Mall; the road they take home was all flooded too - so I got mom & dad all to myself this weekend! They stayed at the Ronald McDonald House and are SO thankful to have gotten in there! The basement of that house flooded too, so there is not a laundry room or game room at the moment - but all else there is great. Mom & Dad have met some really neat families all with kids that are sick like me (not necessarily the same thing - but kids in the hospital in common).
So for the time being, they have me on a peritoneal dialysis at the moment to help me get this fluid off and hopefully I will keep my blood pressure up through the night.
Well, mama is getting ready to go back to the Ronald McDonald House and I need my beauty sleep - so God Bless Everyone and hope you all have a blessed week!