Monday, March 22, 2010

The Lord is my protector, thank GOD!

Well trying to sleep...but if you have ever stayed in a hospital you know someone is always coming in to do something every time you just fall asleep.

Ok so apparently something is "off" with my heart and sometime in the future I'm going to have surgery to fix that too, which I don't think will be too big of a deal. On an up side, I'm suppose to have my first surgery to fix my TE Fistula in the morning. I can't wait for this to be fixed because I am starving for some real food, but we all know how great hospital food is ;)     (but mom's been stashing away some yummy food for me...hehe).

If you are reading this all I can ask is for you to pray; my mom, dad, grandparents and everyone are so worried. I know god is watching down and has a plan for all of us, but it is still scary. I know he has a plan for me too, which I can't wait to find out what that is, but selfishly I kinda want some time to know these people waking me up all the time calling me their "little angel".

Oh, while I'm going on about people bugging me, check this out. So I finally get comfortable; which if you have ever spent any time in a hospital, even just in the waiting room you know is absolute torture! So I FINALLY get comfortable and everyone keeps trying to move me. So I'm laying on my back getting my tan, with my legs crossed, which is super comfy, and they keep trying to turn me on my left side (something about trying to drain stuff out of my lungs). Evey time I sneak a peek out of this stupid mask I have to wear cuz of these bili lights and I think I'm in the clear I turn, and BAM they try turning me back on my side! Have they not heard of patient privacy!!! I mean I can't complain to much because my mom keeps reading to me which is very soothing (well I have been hearing her voice for months now which is relaxing.......least she isn't yelling at the dog).

Since I've been going to Church I can tell she is reading scriptures to me. Today she was reading the third book of Psalms chapters 73-77. I just so thankful she was doing that instead of dad (he is beyond tone deaf).

Well that's about it for now. I'm going to get some sleep since tomorrow is a big day. For my mom and dad, I just want to say thank you all so much for everything. Thank you to all our friends, our family and our church family for being so supportive! Also a big thanks for that special couple that visited me in the hospital and helped mom and dad stay so close to me by putting them up in a hotel. They keep telling me, so I want to tell you that they thank you more than they could ever possibly express in words or any other way.

Oh and Brother Don if you read this, please forgive them for sleeping in and not being there when you tried to visit. They where tired and finally convince them to get some sleep...apparently they decided to sleep in (not my idea).