Sunday, March 21, 2010

So I'm still here at Vandy - Mom just got here!!!!!!!

Ok, well I fired my dad from writing because...well honestly he stinks at it.

I'm still chillin here under these darn bright lights. Apparently they are called Bili Lights to help me break down my bilirubin, which is just fancy talk for Jaundice. They said I was I border line on needing it but I guess they just wanted to make sure.

I'm still waiting for these doctors, least I think that's what they call them, to come in and tell mom and dad what is going on and their plans for my surgery. I think mom and dad are scared but I'm like "chick's dig scars"! Also by-the-way my mom's doctors finally let her out of the hospital to come see me. I love her being here but I'm trying to sleep and she just keeps talking and talking ;)

All the nurses, doctors and surgeons seem pretty cool. Maybe that's what I'll do when I'm big...their cars are freaking awesome! (oh and chick's also dig nice cars).

Well I'm going to try and catch some shuteye till the quack doctor gets here.