Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm about to be baptized as a servent of my heavenly Father before I go meet him soon.

Our Pastor, Brother Don, just got here to baptize me; which is great because I'm getting close. I'll be baptized by my parents of as a servant of the Church and my Heavenly Father.

Oh Heavenly father I am about to come meet you and I pray you help my parents to be strong and help me to go peacefully. This will be hard for all of us and I promise to keep a couple of seats up here warm for you till mom and dad get up here to be with me again.

I love you both so very much. I love my grandmas and grandpas, my aunts, my uncles and all these wonderful new friends I have meet along the way. I ask for prayers, no longer for me but for my brother and sister, Chase & Regan, to be strong with the news of my passing.

Bless you all for helping us all during this time. Without you all we would truly be lost!

God Bless! Amen