Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Weekend...Busy Day

Dad and Mom had a super busy weekend, and so did I. I got to see Chase and Regan on Saturday & I got to meet my Papa. Then they all went to the zoo and mom told me all about the giraffes!
I had 2 transfusions this weekend, because my red blood count was just not going up enough. They held my feedings for a day and a half because when I get blood it makes my tummy upset. On the bright side, they have re-started my feedings and increased them from 2cc's to 4cc's, and I am gaining weight like crazy. Mom just called the nurse, and I am up to a whopping 3lbs. 12oz! :) I'll be breaking that 4lb. mark soon! I love getting to eat, I am not having bowel movements yet, but mom thinks that's because I have only been eating for a couple of days, and my little system is happy to have the nutrients.
I had lots of tests done today, they started out with an x-ray of my lungs - they saw quite a bit of yucky stuff in the right one - so they sent a lady from ultrasound to look at them too. She said there was definitely a lot of stuff in there, so they sent in a really nice guy to do an echo of my heart too. They also dialated my eyes this morning, so I wouldn't look at mom today - but they said my eyes look good and are developing just as they should. I also got to meet Brittany, a really nice lady from mom & dad's challenge bible group today. She was just amazed at how small and cute I was! Mom spent all day with me today and she read some more of the Book of Psalms to me - I think that helps to calm me down :) They turned down my ventilator tonight also - earlier today I was at 45% and when mom checked with my night nurse; they had turned it down to 25% and I am sleeping like a baby tonight - lol :)
My Grandpa Luis' angioplasty was unsuccessful :( He had a 5x bypass done today in El Paso; and at last report was in recovery and resting. It appears that everything went real good today, but we still need prayers for a speedy recovery.
Well, I'm off to have my sweet baby dreams now; the nurse said if I don't put the computer away and get some sleep - she's gonna tie my hands back :) So goodnight everyone....