Friday, April 23, 2010

I Pooped and Other Baby Steps

Well, today is pretty good! I am just chillin here pretty sedated, but I decided to show mom my eyes 3 whole times today - which is pretty good because they have been so swollen I haven't been able to open them. Dad had to go home to pick up Chase and Regan for the weekend, but mom is staying until tomorrow sometime, so she can see them too :) I whispered in mom's ear to tell Chase & Regan that I loved and missed them bunches; but Chase doesn't believe it ;)
So yesterday I had a great day! They were pulling lots of fluid off until this morning, when I decided I just wasn't going to tolerate it as well. No biggie, I just wanted them to pay attention to some other my feet. My color is good everywhere except my little feet, which are very red and have some yucky purple spots. They tried a vaso-constrictor to pump up my blood pressure and hopefully push the blood flow through my feet; but that did not work real good. So they are going to put some nitroglycerine gel on my feet tomorrow to hopefully force the blood veins open in my feet. The doctors are a little worried that I may have some tissue damage in my feet with not having proper blood flow there for several days. Other than that, I am looking awesome and the nurses tonight were jealous that I showed my eyes to mommy and not to them. Hehe, I like playing is fun :)
Other than the feet thing, and occasional dips in my blood pressure - I am improving like a champ! Yesterday was a real good day. I had only pooped 2 times since I was born (5 weeks ago! For those keeping track) and yesterday morning, I pooped the last of my meuconium and then I had two bowel movements last night. Hehe - the first one, I tagged the ECMO tech, Scotty - that's what he gets for wanting an "intervention" with me. Mom said no, but I decided to have to have the other procedure - but I got him back for mommy - I pooped on his hand while he was lifting me up to turn me :) He had on gloves, so no sweat for him, but the nurse said he looked like he had a tail. Then the nurse showed my mom that I pooped a little later while she was there. You would think I just became the President of the United States by the way she was carrying on!
Well, mom is beat and so am I, so I guess it is time for some shut eye. Talk to all of you later! Miss you daddy! Hug Chase and Regan for me :) Nite Y'All!