Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Tape Monster

I'm going to make this quick this morning; as mom and dad still have a little bit to learn for me to really give you all the low down on what is going on. First though, mom is calling me the tape monster, because the nurses had to give me an IV in the top of my head, and because of all of my hair, they used a ton of tape on! Dad said it looks like I made myself a hat out of tape hehe.

I am up to 3 lbs. 15 oz! The nurse thinks I may hit 4 lbs by today...that would be totally cool...I am growing so fast and my little cheeks are getting fat :) They have moved my feeds up to 6cc's...and I get totally frisky after they feed me :)

Mom just called the nurse, and she says I have gotten a little upset with her a couple times this morning...but mom got to watch me throw a fit for a full hour yesterday. Hehe, just gotta let her know I have moxy! So, the doctors are still really unhappy with what they are seeing in my lungs, my little heart is just not moving the blood out real good, and I have been spitting up some foamy red stuff. They have decided that I am going to have a cardiac cath lab tomorrow. Apparently they will be putting a little camera into my femoral artery through my groin area (OUCH!) and will go up to my heart to look around. Then they are talking about doing my little heart surgery at the beginning of next week - which is about a week earlier than originally anticipated. I keep trying to tell mom that this is a good thing because I will heal faster and may even get to breathe better...which could potentially lead to me coming home quicker - but she is still worried. My mom is a worry wart!

On the bright side, my Grandpa Forcen is almost 48 hours past his big heart surgery - that will happen around 5 p.m. CST tonight & that makes me happy! The doctors in El Paso say that the most scary time after that is the first 48 hours, so I am sending up a little prayer for him today to make it through the rest of the day :) If you could send one too, we would all be so happy! I haven't met Grandpa Forcen yet, but I can't wait! Dad says he is really crafty and taught him all about building stuff and tools...what a guy! I figure we can talk hearts when I get out of here :)

Well, mom is going to get ready to come see me again, so I have to work on playing possum for now :) Will update everyone as soon as we know more....hope all are having a blessed week!