Tuesday, April 20, 2010

OMG I look like the stay puft marshmallow man!

For everyone worried I am doing good and I am doing as expected. Basically my body is in shock from the surgeries so my capillaries are freaking out! Have you ever sprained your ankle and swollen up really bad? Basically whenever there is trauma to the capillaries the vanes start "leaking". I am simply "third spacing" which means I am loosing extracellular fluid from the vascular vanes to other body compartments making me extremely swollen. The down side to this is because I loose these fluids my blood pressure drops which apparently freaks them out.

I should start settling out soon with this and then the ECMO device will also act a slow dialysis and remove all these fluids from me the proper way :) Besides this I am doing pretty good. They have me on some pain meds so I'm pretty much sleeping. Personally I think they are keeping me asleep so I'll stop flirting with all the nurses (so dad you better get me some digits).

Mom and dad are back in their sleep room and they were good and had some dinner. I Don't have any new pics but here are some pics of outside and mom being silly :)