Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm hanging in there :D

Well I've been hooked up to this ECMO device for several hours now and I'm hanging in there. It's been nice to have some visitors! Of course my mom and dad are hear but also my Grandpa Dennis, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Jack and dad's boss' wife, Jody, have all been up to see me today :D Plus Grandma Terry, Grandpa Steve, Aunt Heather and TONS of people who can't be here in person at the moment are constantly getting updates and sending their love.

I have to get off here soon as mom gave me serious instructions that I am to NOT be up monkeying around at 4am this morning ;)

Mom and dad got out of the hospital for awhile as Grandpa Dennis took them all out for dinner, lucky buggers.

I would like to take a moment away from me and ask you pray for one of my neighbors Shelby. She has be around 2 years old and went off for a heart transplant this evening. She is totally cute and beyond adorable so please take a moment to pray that God's Holy Spirit help guide the hands of her surgeons and be with her during recovery and bring peach to her family.

Well I'm doing ok so far but ready to be off all these flipping wires. If you want to see some new pics of me click the links below. Be warned I do have wires and tubes coming out of me which might be weird to some of you, but I still look good and I know I keep seeing some of the girls in my area checking me, muwahaha :D

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Pic 4
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