Sunday, April 25, 2010

Losing That Water Weight :)

Wow! What a week! So it started out a little hectic with all the procedures and stuff, but I gotta say, as of yesterday - I am doing my thing like a champ! :D
Yesterday the doctors decided it was time to start trying to wean me off of my ECMO machine because I am doing so very good. They got the flow down from 300 to 230 yesterday and today we have had to go back up a little; but that is because they are also pulling all kinds of fluid off of me too :) I like that, I don't look so much like a sumo wrestler any more :)They were also able to take me off of one of the blood pressure meds called dopamine completely; which I think is totally cool because that means I am doing more on my own. I have been holding pretty steady on the blood pressure - with some infusions of blood/platelets/plasma to help when it drops. Mom thinks I may be part vampire, hehe & even the ECMO tech said I sure do like my product lol.
So I am losing a lot of my fluid/water weight. Mom was so happy to see how skinny I am looking again! I will have her take a couple of pictures soon so you all can see...I am not so good at the self photo yet, my arms are too short!
I am waiting for dad to come up and see me. He took Chase and Regan to the zoo again and boy am I jealous! Mom told me if I hurry up and heal myself the doctors will have to let me go home! I know she is so ready to have me home so she can sing to me all the time and love on me and play with me - dad too! They can't wait for me to get better! So I guess I better keep going on this good path to healing up and then I can go to the zoo too!!!
Well, mom wants some more face time with me and she is getting a little bored watching me type so I am getting off the computer for now! Will update you all a little later, maybe tomorrow (as soon as I can get mom to give me back the Mac hehe) she told me no more facebook games while I'm in here - I have to focus on healing hehe